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You might have read too many romance novels if you don't have a clue about "King Solomon's Mines". Having seen the film adaptations would do. There would be five, where screenwriters embellished the tale with intriguing subplots. Rogue characters hiding in Africa. Nazis wanting to be richer. (Hitler and his cohorts would make perfect villains in any story.) And a damsel who was tough as nails. Don't tell the last one to H. Rider Haggard, the author of this popular book, as he didn't hide his misogynistic tendency in his works.
How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways
Many girls would swoon at John Keats, whose sonnet was his declaration of affection to Fanny Brawne. It was young love, pure and full of passion. They would have made a fine couple, but the poet succumbed to tuberculosis at a young age. Not even the Mediterranean weather saved him, which drove poor Fanny into seclusion. It was a good thing that she kept his letters, which became the basis of a movie about their short-lived romance. But this would be another thing.
Lost Cities You Must See
"They were all built of the same colored stone, and most of them had pillars, which was as much as we could make out in the fading light as we passed swiftly up the main road, that I believe I am right in saying no living foot had set in thousand of years." - Horace Holly ("She : A History of Adventure", 1887)

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